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VATowiec SQL, PKPIR, fakturowanie, program księgowy, kadry i płace




  • ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Handles multiple companies

  • Covers all types of financial accounting and types of business (PKPiR, MP, VAT, FK)

  • Simple and extended accounting (PKPiR and multiyear chart of accounts, balance sheets, turn over)

  • Integrated input and output VAT register management

  • Cash register, cash disbursements, vouchers, loan interest calculation, non-current assets register

  • Integrated inventory management (WZ, PZ, RW, PW)

  • Supplies and services catalogue

  • Cash flow and profit & loss budgeting, forecasting

  • Accounts payable and receivable: manages your sales, receivables and VAT obligations, tracks your purchases and payables

  • Multiple currency accounts, export documents in English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch

  • Log books for vehicles integrated with general ledger

  • Integrated Customer Relation Management (CRM)

  • Import of exchange rates directly from Internet (NBP, GUS)

  • Integrated Human Resources Management (including all required official documentation)

  • Payroll support- data can be exported to "Platnik"

  • Data analysis with predefined tools and queries as well as possibility to create own scenarios

  • All data is password protected and individual users can have different access levels

  • Creates quotes, orders, invoices, receipts and statements

Technical specifications

  • Multilingual interface

  • Low system requirements, does not write to Windows registry when installing

  • Multi-user environment - for 25+ users it's suggested to use the SQL version

  • Automatic data archiving and back-up

  • Quick search facility

  • Fully integrated data tables

  • Format FoxPro 2.0 (dbf/cdx)

  • Data can be accessed by a number or operations systems and programs - DOS, MS Access, MS Excel, StarOffice

  • Automatic event and error logging

Full technical documentation and technical specifications are available as a printed, 40 page document (Polish only). This booklet complies with "Rozporzadzenie MF z dnia 26 sierpnia w sprawie prowadzenia PKPiR" oraz z Ustawa o Rachunkwosci Art 10

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